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The United Pensioners Party (UPP) is about to take off as a party for all Australians, a modern party that will take the will of the people back into Federal Government, we will never just impose our will autocratically. Our platform is broad and equitable, addressing the great divide between the have's and the have not's, while not denying wealth to any, we want more than crumbs for the masses.

A brief outline of our projected policy platform

  • Rein in politicians entitlements and their attitude to expenses.

  • Freeze the age of the pension at 65 and get politicians pensions halved and paid through Centrelink like all of us.

  • Increase NewStart by $30 per week for those over 50 years of age.

  • We will get the Government to take care of current and Ex-service people.

  • Expedite legal supply and use of medicinal cannabis Australia wide.

  • Equal pay for both sexes.

  • Call for forensic examination of unfair contracts in nursing homes and retirement villages to re balance the ledger on the side of the aged person.

  • A complete rethink of housing affordability and a return to rent to buy through a new housing Commission. This will include development of great public facilities for the aged.

  • Legalise Euthanasia for consenting terminally ill patients and increase palliate care funding for those who wish to be nursed in their homes.

  • Ban fracking nationwide thus protecting our water and farmland.

  • Free dental for all and a stronger Medicare.

  • We plan to restore most abandoned country rail networks and use the latest German Hydrogen powered electric trains, no pollution and 800 miles on a tank of water.

Until you look at our website you will not be able to appreciate how UPP will assist all Australians, be you 40 or 70 we will preserve pensions for all into the future.

We are multi-platform party committed to bringing about positive changes in health care university education etc.

A Party for all future pensioners whether your

40 or 50

Dignity & Respect for all Australians

We all hold different opinions and our platform is built on creating a positive future for all of us not just some of us. Recognising the potential of social capital in building healthy and wealthy communities.

VOTE us into Government and you will not regret it

Even if you are still young and healthy anything can happen to either you or a family member. We will also protect and enhance the Disability Support Pension.

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PO Box 137 Harden NSW 2587

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